Facebook is really hard to advertise on!

I  wanted to advertise my new site to sell cat products on Facebook. I figured there are lots of people on Facebook and of course there must be tons of cat lovers so they should be easy to get to come to my site. Not actually. Facebook gladly will kind of just take your money. It’s very frustrating. A bunch of people click your ads and the next thing you know you have spent a hundred dollars and no one even put stuff in their cart. Urhhggghh. SO I started looking to find out if there is some way to improve this terrible response to my ads and discovered most people have pretty bad results unless they are some kind of advertising expert or something.

I am not complaining but it seems like you have to get trained for everything. Like there is an angle or a trick to everything.  I can’t believe it but there are courses to learn how to do facebook advertising that cost thousands of dollars.  YIkes. I need that guy to help me.  Sorry to sound like I am complaining. I guess I could take this course and become a master of the facebook universe and give up my cat supplies store.  

I Need My Teef Fixed

Since I spend most of my time away from people, It hasn’t really been an issue that my teeth are hurting me. Turns out I probably should not have waited so long to realize they might have a problem.  The constant mashing an gnashing I do all night seems to have caused me a tiny problem. So I will chronicle me journey to get my teefers repaired. I’m starting out trying to figure out what the hell I need to do because I do not like going anywhere , let alone the dentist. Found this site with a pretty good road map for my analytic mind. I don;t live anywhere near the desert but I think the ideas are a good start for me. wish me luck. Oh lord…..